im voraus | nemačko - engleski prevod

im voraus


1. ahead


Sinonimi: in advance | beforehand | in front | before | onward | onwards | forward | forwards | forrader | out front | in the lead | forward

ETYM Pref. a- + head.
1. Ahead of time; in anticipation; SYN. in advance, beforehand.
2. At or in the front; SYN. in front, before.
3. In a forward direction; SYN. onward, onwards, forward, forwards, forrader.
4. Leading or ahead in a competition; SYN. out front, in the lead.
5. To a different or a more advanced time (meaning advanced either toward the present or toward the future).
6. To a more advanced or advantageous position.
7. Toward the future; forward in time; SYN. forward.

2. in advance


1. In front; before.
2. Beforehand.

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