Flackern | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. glint


Sinonimi: flash | flicker | spark

ETYM Old Eng. glent.
1. A momentary brightness; SYN. flash.
2. A momentary flash of light; SYN. flicker, spark.

flackern | nemačko - engleski prevod



Unruhig brennen oder leuchten
Im Kamin flackert ein helles Feuer.

1. flare


Sinonimi: flare up | erupt | flame up | blaze up | burn up | flame

(Homonym: flair).
1. To become suddenly excited or angry; SYN. flare up, erupt.
2. To burn brightly; SYN. flame up, blaze up, burn up.
3. To shine with a sudden light; SYN. flame.

2. flicker


Sinonimi: flick | waver | flitter | flutter | quiver | flick

1. To flash intermittently; SYN. flick.
2. To move back and forth very rapidly, as of a candle; SYN. waver, flitter, flutter, quiver.
3. To shine unsteadily; SYN. flick.

3. glint


1. To glance off an object b of rays of light; to be reflected at an angle from a surface
2. To give off reflection in brilliant flashes; also; gleam
3. To look quickly or briefly; glance
4. To appear briefly or faintly
5. To cause to glint

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