entspannen | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. relax


Sinonimi: unlax | loosen up | unbend | unwind | decompress | slow down | loose | unstrain | unlax | loosen up | unwind | make relaxed | unbend

1. To become less tense; SYN. unlax, loosen up, unbend, unwind, decompress, slow down.
2. To become less tight; SYN. loose.
3. To cause to feel relaxed; SYN. unstrain, unlax, loosen up, unwind, make relaxed.
4. To make less tight; SYN. unbend.

2. slacken


Sinonimi: remit

1. To become looser or slack
2. To make slack as by lessening tension or firmness; SYN. remit.

3. unbend


1. To free from flexure, as of a bow.
2. To release from mental strain, tension, or formality
3. To unfasten, as a sail, from a spar or a stay.

4. uncock


To remove the hammer of (a firearm) from a cocked position

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