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1. front team


2. leader


ETYM Obs. or R.
A person who rules or guides or inspires others.
A row of dots, hyphens, or other such characters used to lead the eye across a printed page to related information. Leaders can be created by many word processors and other programs.

3. logo


Sinonimi: logotype

Symbol representing a business, often linked to a brand name or trademark. It may be the name of a company in special type, or a drawing, or a combination of letters and pictures. The logo should be designed to present a positive image of the company to others and be part of the marketing strategy of the organization.
A company emblem or device; SYN. logotype.

4. prefix


ETYM Cf. French préfixe.
An affix that added in front of the word.
Letter or group of letters that can be added to the beginning of a word to make a new word. For example, overtime, outrage, nonsense.

5. title credits


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