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Heitor, 1887, 1959, brasil. Komponist, Dirigent u. Volksliedforscher; Opern, Ballette, 12 Sinfonien, Klavierkonzerte, Streichquartette u. a.

1. Villa-Lobos

muški rodlično ime

(1887-1959) Brazilian composer and conductor. He absorbed Russian and French influences in the 1920s to create Neo-Baroque works in Brazilian style, using native colors and rhythms. His gift for melody is displayed in the ‘Chôros’ (serenades) series 1920–29 for various ensembles, and the series of nine Bachianas Brasileiras 1930–45, treated in the manner of Bach. His other works include guitar and piano solos, chamber music, choral works, film scores, operas, and 12 symphonies.

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