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ženski rod

1. detour


Sinonimi: roundabout way

ETYM French détour, from détourner to turn aside; pref. dé- (Latin dis-) + tourner to turn. Related to Turn.
A roundabout road (especially one that is used temporarily while a main route is blocked); SYN. roundabout way.

2. diversion


Sinonimi: deviation | digression | deflection | deflexion | recreation | diversionary attack

ETYM Cf. French diversion. Related to Divert.
1. A turning aside (of one's course or attention or concern); SYN. deviation, digression, deflection, deflexion.
2. An activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates; SYN. recreation.
3. An attack calculated to draw enemy defense away from the point of the principal attack; SYN. diversionary attack.

3. redirecting


4. redirection


The process of writing to or reading from a file or device different from the one that would normally be the target or the source. For example, the MS-DOS or OS/2 command dir >prn redirects a directory listing from the screen to the printer. Compare pipe.

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