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1. daisywheel


A print element consisting of a set of formed characters with each character mounted on a separate type bar, all radiating from a center hub. See also daisy-wheel printer, thimble, thimble printer.
Printing head in a computer printer or typewriter that consists of a small plastic or metal disc made up of many spokes (like the petals of a daisy). At the end of each spoke is a character in relief. The daisywheel is rotated until the spoke bearing the required character is facing an inked ribbon, then a hammer strikes the spoke against the ribbon, leaving the impression of the character on the paper beneath.
The daisywheel can be changed to provide different typefaces; however, daisywheel printers cannot print graphics nor can they print more than one typeface in the same document. For these reasons, they are rapidly becoming obsolete.
Daisy wheel, daisy-wheel.

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