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ženski rodračunari

Andere Bezeichnung für Textverarbeitungsprogramm.
Die Erstellung, Überarbeitung u. Speicherung jeder Art von Text mittels elektron. Datenverarbeitung (meist als T. im Bürobereich durch Personal Computer verstanden).

1. text processing


2. word processing


The act of entering and editing text with a word processor. Acronym: WP.
Rapid and efficient processing (storage and printing) of linguistic data for composition and editing.
Storage and retrieval of written text by computer. Word-processing software packages enable the writer to key in text and amend it in a number of ways. A print-out can be obtained or the text could be sent to another person or organization on disc or via electronic mail. Word processing has revolutionized the task of a typing secretary. Word-processing packages can be used with databases or graphics packages, and desktop publishing packages are available too.

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