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(Buchwesen) Das bes. in Nachschlagewerken durch den Druck hervorgehobene, dem Text vorangestellte Wort, das im folgenden erklärt wird.
(Theater) Im Theater das Wort eines Darstellers, das das Zeichen für den Auftritt des nächsten Darstellers gibt.

1. catchword


1. A word under the right-hand side of the last line on a book page that repeats the first word on the following page.
2. Guide word.
3. Catchphrase. catch-word.

2. headword


1. A word placed at the beginning of a line or paragraph (as in a dictionary entry).
2. A word that is qualified by a modifier. head word.

3. key word


1. A significant word used in indexing or cataloging.
2. A word that is used as a pattern to decode an encrypted message.

4. keyword


A main word used in indexing.
1. A characteristic word, phrase, or code that is stored in a key field and is used to conduct sorting or searching operations on records in a database. See also key field.
2. Any of the set of words that composes a given programming language or set of operating-system routines. See also reserved word.

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