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ženski rodmatematika

Eine von J. von Neumann entwickelte Theorie, die die math. Zusammenhänge für optimales Verhalten (Strategie) in Wettbewerbssituationen, math. Spiele genannt, behandelt.

1. game theory


Sinonimi: theory of games

A mathematical theory, ascribed to John von Neumann, that considers strategy and probability in terms of competitive games in which all players have partial control and each seeks the most advantageous moves in relation to the others.
A theory of competition stated in terms of gains and losses among opposing players; SYN. theory of games.
Group of mathematical theories, developed in 1944 by Oscar Morgenstern (1902–1977) and John Von Neumann, that seeks to abstract from invented game-playing scenarios and their outcome the essence of situations of conflict and/or cooperation in the real political, business, and social world.
A feature of such games is that the rationality of a decision by one player will depend on what the others do; hence game theory has particular application to the study of oligopoly (a market largely controlled by a few producers).

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