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Jan Christiaan, 1870, 1950, südafrik. Politiker u. brit. Feldmarschall; im 1. Weltkrieg Oberbefehlshaber gegen die dt. Schutztruppe in O-Afrika, 1919–24 u. 1939–48 Min.-Präs. der Südafrik. Union; engagierte sich für Völkerbund u. UNO.

1. Smuts

muški rodlično ime

(1870-1950) South African politician and soldier; prime minister 1919–24 and 1939–48. He supported the Allies in both world wars and was a member of the British imperial war cabinet 1917–18.
During the Second South African War (1899–1902) Smuts commanded the Boer forces in his native Cape Colony. He subsequently worked for reconciliation between the Boers and the British. On the establishment of the Union of South Africa, he became minister of the interior 1910–12 and defense minister 1910–20. During World War I he commanded the South African forces in E Africa 1916–17. He was prime minister 1919–24 and minister of justice 1933–39; on the outbreak of World War II he succeeded General Hertzog as premier. He was made a field marshal in 1941.

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