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ženski rodgramatika

(religiöse) Gemeinschaft, die sich innerhalb einer Konfession um eine Sonderlehre gesammelt u. mit der Verwerfung der gemeinsamen Glaubensgrundlage auch die äußere Trennung vollzogen hat.

1. sect


Sinonimi: religious order

A subdivision of a larger religious group; SYN. religious order.
Small ideological group, usually religious in nature, that may have moved away from a main group, often claiming a monopoly of access to truth or salvation. Sects are usually highly exclusive. They demand strict conformity, total commitment to their code of behavior, and complete personal involvement, sometimes to the point of rejecting mainstream society altogether in terms of attachments, names, possessions, and family.
Most sects are short-lived, either because their appeal dies out and their members return to mainstream society, or because their appeal spreads and they become part of mainstream society (for example, Christianity began as a small sect in Roman-ruled Palestine).

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