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muški rod

1. bloomer


1. A costume for women, consisting of a short dress, with loose trousers gathered round ankles, and (commonly) a broad-brimmed hat.
2. A woman who wears a Bloomer costume.

2. blunder


Sinonimi: blooper | bungle | foul-up | flub | botch | boner | boo-boo | misdoing

An embarrassing mistake; SYN. blooper, bungle, foul-up, flub, botch, boner, boo-boo, misdoing.

3. boner

imenicasleng, dijalekt

1. A blunder; an embarrassing mistake.
2. (Slang) An erection.

4. carver


1. One who carves; one who shapes or fashions by carving, or as by carving; esp. one who carves decorative forms, architectural adornments, etc.
2. One who carves or divides meat at table.
3. A large knife for carving.

5. slip


Sinonimi: trip | slipup | miscue | elusion | eluding | slip of paper | sideslip

ETYM as. slipe, slip.
1. An accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall; SYN. trip.
2. An inadvertent mistake; SYN. slipup, miscue.
3. The act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning); SYN. elusion, eluding.
4. A young and slender person.
5. A small piece of paper; SYN. slip of paper.
6. A flight maneuver; aircraft slides sideways in the air; SYN. sideslip.
7. Potter's clay that is thinned and used for coating or decorating ceramics.

6. slip of the tongue


An accidental and usually trivial mistake in speaking.

7. solecism


ETYM French solécisme, Latin soloecismus, Greek soloikismos, from soloikizein to speak or write incorrectly, from soloikos speaking incorrectly, from the corruption of the Attic dialect among the Athenian colonists of Soloi in Cilicia.
1. An impropriety or incongruity of language in the combination of words or parts of a sentence; especially deviation from the rules of syntax.
2. Any inconsistency, unfitness, absurdity, or impropriety, as in deeds or manners. Ignorant error, especially in grammar.
3. A grammatical mistake; a breach of etiquette.

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