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muški rodgramatika

1. banter


Sinonimi: raillery | give-and-take | backchat

Light teasing repartee; SYN. raillery, give-and-take, backchat.

2. frolic


1. A playful or mischievous action
2. An occasion or scene of fun; party
3. Fun, merriment.

3. fun


Sinonimi: merriment | playfulness | play | sport

ETYM Perh. of Celtic origin; cf. Irish and Gael. fonn pleasure.
1. Activities that are enjoyable or amusing; SYN. merriment, playfulness.
2. Verbal wit (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously); SYN. play, sport.
3. Violent and excited activity; (colloquial).

4. joke


Sinonimi: gag | laugh | jest | jape | yak | wheeze

ETYM Latin jocus. Cf Jeopardy, Jocular, Juggler.
A humorous anecdote or remark; SYN. gag, laugh, jest, jape, yak, wheeze.

5. pleasantry


ETYM French plaisanterie. Related to Pleasant.
An agreeable or amusing remark.

6. yoke


Sinonimi: coupling

ETYM Old Eng. yok, yoc, AS. geoc; akin to Dutch juk, Old High Germ. joh, German joch, Icel. and Swed. ok, Dan. aag, Goth. juk, Lith. jungas, Russ. igo, Latin jugum, Greek zygon, Skr. yuga, and to Latin jungere to join. Related to Join, Syzygy, Yuga, Zeugma.
(Homonym: yolk).
1. A wooden frame across the shoulders that enables a person to carry buckets hanging from each end.
2. A wooden frame used to join two draft animals at the neck so they can work together.
3. Connects two things so they move together; SYN. coupling.
4. A fitted part at the top of a garment, usually reaching from shoulder to shoulder.

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