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Im bürgerl. Recht eine Sache, die so lange verborgen gelegen hat, daß der Eigentümer nicht mehr zu ermitteln ist. Wird der S. entdeckt, erwerben der Entdecker u. der Eigentümer der Sache, in der er verborgen war, je zur Hälfte das Eigentum an ihm.

1. hoard


Sinonimi: cache | stash

ETYM Old Eng. hord, AS. hord; akin to OS. hord, German hort, Icel. hodd, Goth. huzd; prob. from the root of Eng. hide to conceal, and of Latin custos guard, Eng. custody. Related to Hide to conceal.
(Homonym: horde).
A secret store of valuables or money; SYN. cache, stash.
Valuables or prized possessions that have been deliberately buried, often in times of conflict or war, and never reclaimed. Coins, objects in precious metals, and scrap metal are the most common objects found in hoards. In July 1991 the largest hoard found in Britain was discovered, consisting of 7,000 15th-century coins; it was declared treasure trove.

2. honey

imenicasleng, dijalekt

1. A loved one; sweetheart, dear
2. A superlative example
3. The quality or state of being sweet; sweetness
5. An attractive woman

3. sweetie


1. Sweetheart
2. A sweet (confectionery) (Brit.)

4. treasure


Sinonimi: hoarded wealth

ETYM Old Eng. tresor, tresour, French trésor, Latin thesaurus.
1. A collection of precious things.
2. Accumulated wealth in the form of money or jewels etc.; SYN. hoarded wealth.
3. Any possession that is highly valued by its owner.

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