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muški rodgramatika

Flugzeugführer; Lotse, Hochseesteuermann.

1. driver


Sinonimi: device driver | number one wood

ETYM From Drive.
1. The operator of a motor vehicle.
2. Someone who drives animals that pull a vehicle.
3. (Computer science) A program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device; SYN. device driver.
4. A golf club used for hitting long shots from the tee; SYN. number one wood.
5. A golfer who hits the golf ball with a driver.

2. pilot


ETYM French pilote, prob. from Dutch peillood plummet, sounding lead.
1. A person qualified to guide ships through difficult waters going into or out of a harbor.
2. Someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight.

3. racing driver


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