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muški rodanatomija

1. ganglion


ETYM Latin ganglion a sort of swelling or excrescence, a tumor under the skin, Greek: cf. French ganglion.
In medicine, harmless swelling or cyst developing within a tendon sheath, usually at the wrist.
Mass of nerve cells; nerve center; small cyst in tendon sheath, especially at wrist or ankle.
An encapsulated neural structure in the peripheral nervous system.
Solid cluster of nervous tissue containing many cell bodies and synapses, usually enclosed in a tissue sheath; found in invertebrates and vertebrates.
In many invertebrates, the central nervous system consists mainly of ganglia connected by nerve cords. The ganglia in the head (cerebral ganglia) are usually well developed and are analogous to the brain in vertebrates. In vertebrates, most ganglia occur outside the central nervous system.

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