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(griech.)Gesamtheit der sagenhaften und legendären Überlieferung eines Volkes oder Kulturkreises, Götterlehre (u.a. ögriech. M., ögerman. M.).

1. mythology


ETYM French mythologie, Latin mythologia, Greek mythologia; mythos, fable, myth + logos speech, discourse.
1. Myths collectively; the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person.
2. The study of myths.
Body of traditional stories symbolically underlying a given culture. These stories describe gods and other supernatural beings with whom humans may have relationships, and are often intended to explain the workings of the universe, nature, or human history.
Ancient mythologies, with the names of the chief god of each, include those of Egypt (Osiris), Greece (Zeus), Rome (Jupiter), India (Brahma), and the Teutonic peoples (Odin or Woden).
Mythology also embraces the study and interpretation of these stories and how they relate to similar stories told in other cultures.

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