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Samuel, Charleston (Mass.) 27.4.1791, +Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) 2.4.1872, amerikan. Erfinder, Maler; entwickelte seit 1833 den Schreibtelegrafen und das aus Punkten und Strichen (Kürzen und Längen) kombinierte M.alphabet.

1. Morse

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(Finley Breese) (1791-1872) US inventor. In 1835 he produced the first adequate electric telegraph (see telegraphy), and in 1843 was granted $30,000 by Congress for an experimental line between Washington, DC and Baltimore. With his assistant Alexander Bain (1810–1877) he invented the Morse code.
Born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Morse graduated from Yale 1810 and studied art in England. He served as the first president of the National Academy of Design 1826–45, which he helped to found, and taught at New York University from 1832. The first message 1844 transmitted between Washington and Baltimore was “What hath God wrought!”
Morse was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. After graduating from Yale, he went to the UK and studied art at the Royal Academy in London. He became professor of the art of design at New York University.
Between 1832 and 1836 he developed his idea that an electric current could be made to convey messages. The signal current would be sent in an intermittent coded pattern and would cause an elctromagnet to attract intermittently to the same pattern on a piece of soft iron to which a pencil or pen would be attached and which in turn would make marks on a moving strip of paper.

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