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Moav, Mittelstück des ostjordan. Berglands in Jordanien, östl. des Toten Meers; Hauptorte: Madaba im N, El Karak im S; ehem. von den semit. Moabitern bewohnt, die von David unterworfen u. später assyr. Untertanen wurden.

1. Moab


City in Utah (USA); zip code 84532.
Ancient country in Jordan east of the southern part of the river Jordan and the Dead Sea. The inhabitants were closely akin to the Hebrews in culture, language, and religion, but were often at war with them, as recorded in the Old Testament.
Moab eventually fell to Arab invaders. The Moabite Stone, discovered 1868 at Dhiban, dates from the 9th century BC and records the rising of Mesha, king of Moab, against Israel.

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