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ženski rod

das Recht des Käufers, wegen eines Sachmangels die Herabsetzung des Kaufpreises zu verlangen.
Herabsetzung des Kaufpreises einer Ware wegen mangelhafter Lieferung oder Abzüge vom Werklohn bei mangelhafter Arbeit. Eine M. muß das Wert-Preis-Verhältnis wahren, sie ist nur bei unverzügl. Beanstandung mögl.

1. decrease


Sinonimi: lessening | drop-off | decrement | diminution | reduction | step-down | decrement

ETYM Old Eng. decrees, Old Fren. decreis, from decreistre. Related to Decrease.
1. A change downward; SYN. lessening, drop-off.
2. A process of becoming smaller; SYN. decrement.
3. The act of decreasing or reducing something; SYN. diminution, reduction, step-down.
4. The amount by which something decreases; SYN. decrement.

2. reduction


Sinonimi: reducing | simplification

ETYM French réduction, Latin reductio. Related to Reduce.
In chemistry, the gain of electrons, loss of oxygen, or gain of hydrogen by an atom, ion, or molecule during a chemical reaction.
Reduction may be brought about by reaction with another compound, which is simultaneously oxidized (reducing agent), or electrically at the cathode (negative electrode) of an electric cell.
Photosynthesis—the series of chemical reactions inside chloroplasts—is essentially a mechanism for reducing carbon dioxide to carbohydrate.
1. Any process in which electrons are added to an atom or ion (as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen); always occurs accompanied by oxidation of the reducing agent; SYN. reducing.
2. The act of reducing complexity; SYN. simplification.

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