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Gerhard, eigtl. G. Kremer, 1512, 1594, dt. Kartograph; bek. durch die nach ihm benannte M.-Projektion, eine v. a. für Seekarten geeignete winkeltreue Zylinderprojektion in der Kartendarst., die er für eine 1569 erschienene Weltkarte benutzte.

1. Mercator

muški rodlično ime

Latinized form of Gerhard Kremer (1512-1594)
Flemish mapmaker who devised the first modern atlas, showing Mercator’s projection in which the parallels and meridians on maps are drawn uniformly at 90ş. It is often used for navigational charts, because compass courses can be drawn as straight lines, but the true area of countries is increasingly distorted the further north or south they are from the equator. For other types, see map projection.

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