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Charles Follen, 1847, 1909, US-amerik. Architekt; gehörte mit William Mead ( 1846, 1928) u. Stanford White ( 1853, 1906) einer um die Jahrhundertwende führenden amerik. Architektenfirma an.

1. McKim

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Mead and White, US firm of architects, established 1879 by Charles Follen McKim (1847–1909), William Rutherford Mead (1846–1928), Stanford White (1853–1906), and Joseph Merrill Wells (died 1890). Their early work was inspired by Italian High Renaissance architecture rather than the flamboyant Baroque style popular in the US at the time, as evident in their design for the Boston Public Library 1887, which owes much to Labrouste's Library of Ste Genevičve.
Other notable buildings by the firm include Columbia University 1893 and Pennsylvania railroad station 1904–10 (now demolished).

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