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muški rodživotinja

ETYM. engl.
Zentralafrikan. Hundskopfaffe mit bunten Backenfalten.

1. mandrill


Sinonimi: Mandrillus sphinx

ETYM Cf. French mandrille, Spanish mandril, Italian mandrillo; prob. the native name in Africa. Related to Drill an ape.
Baboon of west Africa with red and blue muzzle and hindquarters; SYN. Mandrillus sphinx.
W African baboon with blue markings on face and red posterior.
Large W African forest-living baboon Mandrillus sphinx, most active on the ground. It has large canine teeth like the drill m. leucophaeus, to which it is closely related. The nose is bright red and the cheeks striped with blue. There are red callosities on the buttocks; the fur is brown, apart from a yellow beard.
A large baboon (Mandrillus sphinx syn. Papio sphinx) of central Africa west of the Congo River with the male having a bright red and blue muzzle.

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