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John, 1940, 1980 (ermordet), brit. Rockmusiker u. -komponist; prägte durch seine Songs den Stil der Beatles.

1. Lennon

muški rodlično ime

(1940-1980) One of the original members of the Beatles musical group, and composer of many of their songs; murdered in 1980.
(Ono) (1940-1980) UK rock singer, songwriter, and guitarist; a founder member of the Beatles. He lived in the US from 1971. Both before the band’s breakup 1970 and in his solo career, he collaborated intermittently with his wife Yoko Ono (1933– ). ‘Give Peace a Chance’, a hit 1969, became an anthem of the peace movement. His solo work alternated between the confessional and the political, as on the album Imagine 1971. He was shot dead by a fan.

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