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(Waffenkunde) Rohr von Handfeuerwaffen u. Maschinengewehren, in dem das Geschoß seine Anfangsgeschwindigkeit, seinen Drall u. seine Richtung erhält.
(Musik) Läufer, Passage, schnelle Folge von Tönen, in Form einer Tonleiter oder eines gebrochenen Akkords.
(Zoologie) Bein u. Fuß bei Haarwild u. beim Hund; zu einem Teil des Beins umgewandelter Fußknochen der Vögel.


Laufrad · Laufschiene · (das) Nacheinander · ...strecke · Abfolge · Ablauf · Aufeinanderfolge · Chronologie · Folge · Gang · Rangfolge · Reihe · Reihenfolge · Sequenz · Serie · zeitliche Aufeinanderfolge · Strom · Strömung · Rennen · Wettlauf · Wettlaufen · Wettrennen (um) · Sprint · Spurt · Bein · Fuß · hintere Extremität · Kackstelze(n) · Lauf (Wildtiere) · Pinn(e) · untere Extremität

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/ bærəl /


A unit of liquid capacity, the value of which depends on the liquid being measured. It is used for petroleum, a barrel of which contains 159 liters/42 gallons; a barrel of alcohol contains 189 liters/49.9 gallons.(container) Cylindrical container, tapering at each end, made of thick strips of wood bound together by metal hoops. Barrels are used for the bulk storage of fine wines and spirits.
Barrels were made by craftsmen known as coopers, whose main skill was the shaping and bending of the wooden strips (staves) so that they fitted together without gaps when secured by the hoops. Barrels were widely used for storing liquids and dry goods until the development of plastic containers.
1. A cylindrical container that holds liquids; SYN. cask.
2. Any of various units of capacity; SYN. bbl.
3. The cylinder through which bullet travels when gun is fired; SYN. gun barrel.
4. The quantity that a barrel (of any size) will hold; SYN. barrelful.
5. A bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends; SYN. drum.
ETYM Old Eng. barel, French baril, prob. from barre bar. Related to Barricade.


barrelful · bbl · cask · drum · gun barrel


/ kɔːrs /


ETYM French cours, course, Latin cursus, from currere to run. Related to Current.
(Homonym: coarse).
1. A mode of action.
2. General line of orientation; SYN. trend.
3. Part of a meal served at one time.
4. Education imparted in a series of lessons or class meetings; SYN. course of study, course of instruction, class.
5. A layer of masonry; SYN. row.
6. A connected series of events or actions or developments; or; SYN. line.


/ kɜːrənt /


ETYM Cf. French courant. Related to Current.
The flow of electric charge through a conductor, or the amount of such flow. Current is measured in amperes. See also ampere, coulomb. Compare volt.
Flow of a body of water or air, or of heat, moving in a definite direction. Ocean currents are fast-flowing currents of seawater generated by the wind or by variations in water density between two areas. They are partly responsible for transferring heat from the equator to the poles and thereby evening out the global heat imbalance. There are three basic types of ocean current: drift currents are broad and slow-moving; stream currents are narrow and swift-moving; and upwelling currents bring cold, nutrient-rich water from the ocean bottom.
Stream currents include the Gulf Stream and the Japan (or Kuroshio) Current. Upwelling currents, such as the Gulf of Guinea Current and the Peru (Humboldt) current, provide food for plankton, which in turn supports fish and sea birds. At approximate five-to-eight-year intervals, the Peru Current that runs from the Antarctic up the W coast of South America, turns warm, with heavy rain and rough seas, and has disastrous results (as in 1982–83) for Peruvian wildlife and for the anchovy industry. The phenomenon is called El Nińo (Spanish “the Child”) because it occurs toward Christmas.
1. A flow of electricity through a conductor; SYN. electric current.
2. A steady flow (usually from natural causes); SYN. stream.
The rate of flow of electricity. The unit of the ampere (A) defined as 1 ampere = 1 coulomb per second.

gun barrel

/ ˈɡən ˈbærəl /




/ rən /


1. The act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace; SYN. running.
2. A regular trip
3. A short trip
4. A row of unravelled stitches; SYN. ladder, ravel.
5. A score in baseball made by a runner touching all four bases safely; or; SYN. tally.
6. A football play in which a player runs with the ball; SYN. running, running play, running game.


campaign · discharge · foot race · footrace · ladder · outpouring · political campaign · ravel · rill · rivulet · runnel · running · running game · running play · streak · streamlet · tally · test · trial

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