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2) offiz. Vertreter eines Staates in einem anderen Staat ohne vollen diplomat. Status. Neben den Berufskonsularbeamten gibt es auch sog. Honorarkonsuln mit eingeschränkten Befugnissen, zumeist auf wirtschaftl. Gebiet tätig und häufig Angehörige des Gastgeberlandes.

1. consul


ETYM Latin, prob. from consulere to deliberate. Related to Consult.
A diplomat appointed by a government to protect its commercial interests and help its citizens in a foreign country.
Chief magistrate of ancient Rome after the expulsion of the last king 510 BC. The consuls were two annually elected magistrates, both of equal power; they jointly held full civil power in Rome and the chief military command in the field. After the establishment of the Roman Empire the office became purely honorary.

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