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ženski rod

1. chaining


1. In computers, the linking of two or more entities so that they are dependent upon one another for operation.
2. In programming, the linking of two or more programs so that the first program causes the second program to begin executing.
3. In programming, linking program statements so that each statement, except for the first, relies on the previous statement for input.
4. With batch files, linking two or more batch files so that the completion of the first batch file causes the second batch file to begin executing. 5. With data storage, linking two or more individual units of storage. For example, a single file on a disk may actually be stored on several different sectors of the disk, each of which points to the next sector containing a piece of that file. These sectors are said to be chained together, or, more literally, to be a chain of clusters. 6. See daisy chaining.

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