Hickorynussbaum | nemačko - engleski prevod


muški rodbotanika

1. hickory


Sinonimi: hickory tree

ETYM North American Indian pawcohiccora (Capt. J. Smith) a kind of milk or oily liquor pressed from pounded hickory nuts. is named in a list of Virginia trees, in 1653, and this was finally shortened to J. H. Trumbull.
1. American hardwood tree bearing edible nuts; SYN. hickory tree.
2. Valuable tough heavy hardwood from various hickory trees.
Tree of the genus Carya of the walnut family, native to North America and Asia. It provides a valuable timber, and all species produce nuts, although some are inedible. The pecan C. illinoensis is widely cultivated in the southern US, and the shagbark C. ovata in the northern US.

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