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Befischung · Fischerei · Fischereitätigkeit · Fischereiwesen · Fischereiwirtschaft

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/ æŋɡl̩ɪŋ /


The sport of catching fish with a rod and line and a baited hook (or other lure).
Fishing with rod and line. Competition angling exists and world championships take place for most branches of the sport. The oldest is the World Freshwater Championship, inaugurated 1957.
Freshwater fishing embraces game fishing, in which members of the salmon family, such as salmon, trout, and bass are taken by spinners (revolving lures) and flies (imitations of adult or larval insects); and coarse fishing, in which members of the carp family, pike, and perch are taken by baits or lures.
In sea fishing the catch includes flatfish, bass, sailfish, tarpon, and mackerel; big-game fishes include shark, tuna, marlin, and swordfish.
coarse fishing
So-called because of the coarse texture of the flesh of non-salmonid fish, coarse fishing is the most popular branch of angling. Normally vegetarian fish such as roach, bream, carp, chub, dace, and tench are taken on a wide variety of baits. Omnivorous and predatory fish, including perch and pike, are taken using live or dead fish baits or spinners, which are designed to imitate the movement and vibration of a small fish. The two standard techniques are float fishing, with the bait suspended above the river bed or laid on to it (float leger), or leger fishing with heavier end weights, when indication of a bite is given by movement of the rod-tip. Maggots are popular as hook bait, varying in size according to the fly, and stained different colors using vegetable dyes. The maggot changes to a chrysalid after a short time and becomes an equally popular hook bait known generally as a “caster”.
game fishing
The art of fly fishing is based on the ability to cast an imitation of the flies which form the main diet of trout, salmon, and other insectivorous species. The three main species of fly imitated, either during its underwater larval stage (wet-fly), or when it has hatched out and is winged (dry-fly), are Diptera or midges, especially the genus Chironomus, mayflies, and caddis or sedge flies.
sea fishing
Sea fishing can be from shore, pier, or boat. The main hook baits used are lugworm, ragworm, mussel, and fresh fish. Lures can also be used for flat-fish, bass, and mackerel. The use of a mixture fish and oil as ground bait is essential for shark fishing.


/ fɪʃɪŋ /


1. The act of someone who fishes as a diversion.
2. The occupation of catching fish.



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muški rod, pravo (nauka)


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