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Aus- oder Weiterbildung durch Lehrbriefe, Materialien und Übungsaufgaben, die den Studenten per Post zugesandt werden. Prüfungen werden beim F. zu bestimmten Terminen am Lehrinstitut oder extern an Hochschulen abgelegt. Das F. eignet sich für die berufsbegleitende Weiterqualifizierung, die Abschlüsse sind mit denen anderer Hochschulen gleichwertig.

1. correspondence course


A course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school.

2. distance learning


Broadly, any educational or learning process or system in which the teacher/instructor is separated geographically or in time from his or her students, or in which students are separated from other students or educational resources. Contemporary distance learning is effected through the implementation of computer and electronics technology to connect teacher and student in either real or delayed time or on an as-needed basis. Content delivery may be achieved through a variety of technologies, including satellites, computers, cable television, interactive video, electronic transmissions via telephone lines, the World Wide Web and other Internet technology, and others. Distance learning does not preclude traditional learning processes; frequently it is used in conjunction with in-person classroom or professional training procedures and practices.
Home-based study by correspondence course or by radio, television, or audio or video tape. The establishment of the Open University1969 put the UK in the forefront of distance learning; the Open College and individual institutions also offer distance-learning packages.

3. university correspondence course


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