Ermitteln | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. ascertaining


ermitteln | nemačko - engleski prevod



1. ascertain


To learn or discover with certainty.
Find out for certain.

2. detect


Sinonimi: observe | find | discover | notice

1. To determine the existence of.
2. To discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of; SYN. observe, find, discover, notice.

3. snap


Sinonimi: crack | crack | click | flick | click | snarl

1. To make a cracking sound (said of tightly stretched ropes or fingers); SYN. crack.
2. To break suddenly and abruptly; as of something under tension; SYN. crack.
3. To cause to make a snapping sound; of fingers; SYN. click, flick.
4. To move or strike with a click; SYN. click.
5. To move with a snapping sound
6. To put in play with a snap, of a football.
7. To snap close with a sound
8. To utter in an angry, sharp, or abrupt tone; SYN. snarl.

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