Elefantiasis | nemačko - engleski prevod



(griech.) Unförmige Verdickung von Körperteilen. E. tritt meist an der Haut und am Untergewebe im Bereich der Beine auf. Sie ist Folge einer Verlegung von Lymphgefäßen und Lymphstauung.

1. elephantiasis


ETYM Latin, from Greek, from elefas, -fantos, an elephant.
Hypertrophy of certain body parts (usually legs and scrotum); the end state of the disease filariasis.
Disease causing skin, especially of legs, to become hard and thick, and limbs to swell.
The commonest form of elephantiasis is the tropical variety (filariasis) caused by infestation by parasitic roundworms (filaria); the enlargement is due to damage of the lymphatic system and consequent impaired immunity. This left sufferers susceptible to infection from bacteria and fungi, entering through skin splits. The swelling reduces dramatically if the affected area is kept rigorously clean and treated with antibiotic cream, combined with rest, after drug treatment has killed all filarial worms.

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