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ženski rod

1. classification


Sinonimi: categorization | categorization | sorting

ETYM Cf. French classification.
In biology, the arrangement of organisms into a hierarchy of groups on the basis of their similarities in biochemical, anatomical, or physiological characters. The basic grouping is a species, several of which may constitute a genus, which in turn are grouped into families, and so on up through orders, classes, phyla (in plants, sometimes called divisions), to kingdoms.
1. A group of people or things arranged by class or category; SYN. categorization.
2. Restriction imposed by the government on documents or weapons that are available only to certain authorized people.
3. The basic cognitive process of arranging into classes or categories; SYN. categorization, sorting.

2. subsumption


Sinonimi: subsuming

Incorporating something under a more general category; is subsumed under; SYN. subsuming.

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