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Adolf, Solingen 19.3.1906, +Ramla (Israel) 31.5.1962, dt. SS-Obersturmbannführer. E. organisierte 1941/1945 die Deportation der im dt. Machtbereich lebenden Juden in die nat.-soz. Vernichtungslager. Nach Kriegsende floh er nach Argentinien, von wo er 1960 vom israel. Geheimdienst nach Israel entführt wurde. Dort wurde er 1961 zum Tode verurteilt.

1. Eichmann

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(Karl) (1906-1962)
Austrian Nazi. As an SS official during Hitler's regime (1933–1945), he was responsible for atrocities against Jews and others, including the implementation of genocide. He managed to escape at the fall of Germany 1945, but was discovered in Argentina 1960, abducted by Israeli agents, tried in Israel 1961 for war crimes, and executed.
He was in charge of the Gestapo department controlling the Jewish population of all German-occupied territory. He organized the mass deportation of Jews from Germany and Bohemia to concentration camps in Poland 1941. He was given the task of organizing the Final Solution to the “Jewish problem” at the Wannsee Conference 1942 and set up extermination camps, specifying the design of the gas chambers and crematoria.

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