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1. arbor


Sinonimi: arbour | bower | pergola

A trellis or archway supporting climbing plants; SYN. arbour, bower, pergola. Main shaft or beam; spindle or axle (of wheel).
1. A spindle or axle of a wheel
2. A main shaft or beam
3. A shaft on which a revolving cutting tool is mounted
4. A spindle on a cutting machine that holds the work to be cut

2. locating pin


3. mandrel


1 A usually tapered or cylindrical axle, spindle, or arbor inserted into a hole in a piece of work to support it during machining; A metal bar that serves as a core around which material (as metal) may be cast, molded, forged, bent, or otherwise shaped
2. The shaft and bearings on which a tool (as a circular saw) is mounted
3. Axle of a circular saw.
4. Spindle supporting work in lathe, etc.

4. mandril



5. spine


ETYM Latin spina thorn, the spine; akin to spica a point: cf. Old Fren. espine, French épine. Related to Spike, Spinet a musical instrument, Spinny.
A sharp rigid animal process or appendage; as a porcupine quill or a ridge on a bone or a ray of a fish fin.
The backbone of vertebrates. It consists of separate disk-shaped bony units (vertebrae), processes that enclose and protect the spinal cord. The spine connects with the skull, ribs, back muscles, and pelvis.
In humans, there are seven cervical vertebrae in the neck; 12 thoracic in the upper trunk; five lumbar in the lower back; the sacrum (consisting of five vertebrae fused together, joined to the hipbones); and the coccyx (four vertebrae, fused into a tailbone). The human spine has four curves (front to rear), which allow for the increased size of the chest and pelvic cavities, and for a degree of spring so as to minimize jolting of the internal organs.

6. stacking mandrel


7. thorn


ETYM as. thorn; akin to os. and OFries. thorn, Dutch doorn, German dorn, Dan. torn, Swed. törne, Icel. thorn, Goth. thaúrnus; cf. Pol. tarn, Russ. tern the blackthorn, ternie thorns, Skr. torna grass, blade of grass.
1. A woody plant bearing sharp impeding processes (as prickles or spines); especially; hawthorn.
2. A sharp rigid process on a plant; specifically; a short, indurated, sharp-pointed, and leafless modified branch; any of various sharp spinose structures on an animal.
3. The runic letter X used in Old English and Middle English to represent either of the fricatives and in Icelandic to represent.
4. Something that causes distress or irritation — often used in the phrase thorn in one's side.
5. A Germanic character of runic origin.

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