Charme | nemačko - engleski prevod


muški rodgramatika

Persönl. Anziehungskraft, Liebreiz.

1. charm


Sinonimi: good luck charm

ETYM French charme, from Latin carmen song, verse, incantation, for casmen, akin to Skr. çasman, çasâ, a laudatory song, from a root signifying to praise, to sing.
Something believed to bring good luck; SYN. good luck charm.
In physics, a property possessed by one type of quark (very small particles found inside protons and neutrons), called the charm quark. The effects of charm are only seen in experiments with particle accelerators. See elementary particles.

2. flattery


ETYM Old Eng. flaterie, Old Fren. flaterie, French flaterie, from flater to flatter, French flatter; of uncertain origin. Related to Flatter.
Excessive or insincere praise.

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