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Giovanni , wahrscheinl. Florenz (oder Certaldo) 1313, +Certaldo bei Florenz 21.12.1375, italien. Dichter; seit 1340 Notar und Richter in Florenz, befreundet mit Petrarca. Seine Novellensammlung 'Decamerone' (hundert Geschichten zumeist erot. Inhalts, um 1350 entstanden, gedruckt 1470) erhob die Novelle zu einer auf Jh. gültigen Kunstform. Weitere Werke: 'Fiametta' (Versroman, 1343), 'Die Nymphe von Fiesole' (um 1345), 'Corbaccio' (Satire, 1355), 'Das Leben Dantes' (um 1360).

1. Boccaccio

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(1313-1375) Italian writer and poet. He is chiefly known for the collection of tales called the Decameron 1348–53. Equally at home with tragic and comic narrative, he laid the foundations for the Humanism of the Renaissance and raised vernacular literature to the status enjoyed by the ancient classics.
Son of a Florentine merchant, he lived in Naples 1328–41, where he fell in love with the unfaithful “Fiammetta” who inspired his early poetry. Before returning to Florence 1341 he had written the prose romance Filostrato and the verse narrative Teseide (used by Chaucer in his Troilus and Criseyde and ‘The Knight’s Tale’). He was much influenced by Petrarch, whom he met 1350.

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