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ženski rod

(Biologie) Bei Mensch u. Tier das Entleeren von unverwertbaren oder schädl. Stoffwechselprodukten (Exkrete) aus Niere u. Darm.

1. elimination


Sinonimi: riddance | evacuation | excretion | excreting | voiding | reasoning by elimination | liquidation

ETYM Cf. French élimination.
1. The act of removing or getting rid of something; SYN. riddance.
2. The act of removing an unknown mathematical quantity by combining equations.
3. The bodily process of discharging waste matter; SYN. evacuation, excretion, excreting, voiding.
4. Analysis of a problem into alternative possibilities followed by the systematic elimination of unacceptable alternatives; SYN. reasoning by elimination.
5. The murder of a competitor; SYN. liquidation.

2. excretion


ETYM Cf. French excrétion.
In biology, the removal of waste products from the cells of living organisms. In plants and simple animals, waste products are removed by diffusion, but in higher animals they are removed by specialized organs. In mammals the kidneys are the principle organs of excretion. Water and metabolic wastes are also excreted in the feces and, in humans, through the sweat glands; carbon dioxide and water are removed via the lungs.
1. The act of excreting.
2. That which is excreted; excrement.

3. expulsion


Sinonimi: projection | ejection | forcing out

ETYM Latin expulsio, from expellere: cf. French expulsion. Related to Expel.
The act of expelling or projecting or ejecting; SYN. projection, ejection, forcing out.

Ausscheidung | nemačko - engleski prevod


ženski rodsport

(Sport) im Sport werden in A.swettkämpfen die Besten für die Endkämpfe ermittelt.

1. qualifier


One that qualifies: as one that satisfies requirements or meets a specified standard; a word (as an adjective) or word group that limits or modifies the meaning of another word (as a noun) or word group

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