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Größte Stadt u. Haupthafen Neuseelands, auf der Nordinsel, 870 000 Ew.; Handelszentrum; Univ., kath. u. angl. Bischofssitz.
Größte Stadt und Haupthafen Neuseelands auf der N-Insel, 872 000 Einw., 1840 erste Siedlung der Europäer und bis 1865 Hauptstadt des Landes.

1. Auckland


Largest city in New Zealand, situated in N North Island; It fills the isthmus that separates its two harbors (Waitemata and Manukau), and its suburbs spread N across the Harbour Bridge. It is the country's chief port and leading industrial center, having iron and steel plants, engineering, automobile assembly, textiles, food processing, sugar refining, and brewing.
There was a small whaling settlement on the site in the 1830s, and Auckland was officially founded as New Zealand's capital 1840, remaining so until 1865. The university was founded 1882.

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