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1. flow chart


Sinonimi: flow diagram

A graphic map of the path of control or data through the operations in a program or an information-handling system. Symbols such as squares, diamonds, and ovals represent various operations. These symbols are connected by lines and arrows to indicate the flow of data or control from one point to another. Flowcharts are used both as aids in showing the way a proposed program will work and as a means of understanding the operations of an existing program. See the illustration. A diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program; SYN. flow diagram.
Diagram, often used in computing, to show the possible paths that data can take through a system or program.
A system flow chart, or data flow chart, is used to describe the flow of data through a complete data-processing system. Different graphic symbols represent the clerical operations involved and the different input, storage, and output equipment required. Although the flow chart may indicate the specific programs used, no details are given of how the programs process the data.
A program flow chart is used to describe the flow of data through a particular computer program, showing the exact sequence of operations performed by that program in order to process the data. Different graphic symbols are used to represent data input and output, decisions, branches, and subroutines. flowchart

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