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muški rod

1. attraction


Sinonimi: attractive force | attractive feature | attractiveness

ETYM Latin attractio: cf. French attraction.
1. The force by which one object attracts another; SYN. attractive force.
2. A characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts people; SYN. attractive feature.
3. The quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts; SYN. attractiveness.
4. An entertainment that is offered to the public.

2. cynosure


ETYM Latin Cynosura theconstellation Cynosure, Greek, dog's tail, the constellation Cynosure; kynos dog + oura tail. SeeCynic.
Something that strongly attracts attention (as the north star attracts mariners).
Anything that attracts attention; object of interest.
Guiding star; object of common interest.

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