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ženski rod

1. deposition


Sinonimi: dethronement | affidavit | attestation

ETYM Latin depositio, from deponere: cf. French déposition. Related to Deposit.
Law, sworn testimony.
1. The act of deposing someone; SYN. dethronement.
2. The natural process of laying down a deposit of something.
3. Written declaration made under oath; SYN. affidavit, attestation.
In Christian art, a depiction of the body of Christ being taken down from the cross. Notable examples include van der Weyden’s Deposition about 1430 (Prado, Madrid) and Ruben’s Descent from the Cross 1612–14 (Notre-Dame Cathedral, Antwerp).

2. dismissal


Sinonimi: discharge | firing | liberation | release | sack | sacking

The act of terminating someone's employment; SYN. discharge, firing, liberation, release, sack, sacking.
Sacking or firing of a worker. Workers may be dismissed because they are not doing their job properly, for example, because of excessive absenteeism. Alternatively, if the worker is made redundant, it is because the firm no longer has a need for that particular worker. Workers who are unfairly dismissed can appeal to an industrial tribunal.

3. removal from office


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