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ženski rod

1. declination


Sinonimi: celestial latitude | DEC

ETYM Latin declinatio a bending aside, an avoiding: cf. French déclination a decadence. Related to Declension.
(Astronomy) The angular distance to a point on a celestial object measured north or south from the celestial equator, expressed in degrees; used to specify positions on the celestial sphere; SYN. celestial latitude, DEC.
Bending; turning aside; angle between magnetic needle and geographical meridian; Astronomy, angular distance from equator; (polite) refusal.
In astronomy, the coordinate on the celestial sphere (imaginary sphere surrounding the Earth) that corresponds to latitude on the Earth's surface. Declination runs from 0ş at the celestial equator to 90ş at the north and south celestial poles.

2. disaffirmation


Reversal of a decision, annulment, repudiation

3. refusal


Sinonimi: regrets | declination

1. The act of refusing.
2. The polite declining of an invitation; SYN. regrets, declination.

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