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1. Vue. Il a une bonne vision.
2. Perception. Nos visions de l'événement diffèrent.
3. Apparition.
4. Hallucination. Avoir des visions.

1. delusion


Sinonimi: psychotic belief

ETYM Latin delusio, from deludere. Related to Delude.
In psychiatry, a false belief that is unshakeably held. Delusions are a prominent feature of schizophrenia and paranoia, but may also occur in other psychiatric states.
1. A mistaken opinion or idea.
2. An erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary; SYN. psychotic belief.

2. eyesight


Sinonimi: seeing | sightedness

Use of the faculty of vision; SYN. seeing, sightedness.

3. sight


The detection of light by an eye, which can form images of the outside world.

4. vision


Sinonimi: visual sensation

ETYM Old Eng. visioun, French vision, from Latin visio, from videre, visum, to see.
1. A religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance.
2. A vivid mental image.
3. The perceptual experience of seeing; SYN. visual sensation.

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