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1. Courageux.
2. Robuste.

1. stalwart


Sinonimi: stout | stouthearted

ETYM Old Eng. stalworth, as. staelwyrth serviceable, probably originally, good at stealing, or worth stealing or taking, and afterwards extended to other causes of estimation. Related to Steal, Worth.
1. Dependable; SYN. stout.
2. Used especially of persons; SYN. stouthearted.

2. valiant


Sinonimi: valorous

ETYM Old Eng. valiant, French vaillant, Old Fren. vaillant, valant, originally p. pr. of Old Fren. and French valoir to be worth, Latin valere to be strong. Related to Wield, Avail, Convalesce, Equivalent, Prevail, Valid.
Having or showing valor; SYN. valorous.

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