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ženski rodbotanika

1. Champignon comestible souterrain.
2. (Familier) Nez. Avoir la truffe rouge.
3. Erreur. Commettre une truffe.

1. truffle


Sinonimi: earthnut | earth-ball | chocolate truffle | earthnut

ETYM Old Fren. trufle, French truffe; akin to Spanish trufa, tartufo; of uncertain origin; perhaps from Latin tuber a tumor, knob, truffle. Related to Tuber, Trifle.
1. Any of various highly prized edible subterranean fungi of the genus Tuber; grow naturally in southwestern Europe; SYN. earthnut, earth-ball.
2. Creamy chocolate candy; SYN. chocolate truffle.
3. Edible subterranean fungus of the genus Tuber; SYN. earthnut.
Subterranean fungus of the order Tuberales. Certain species are valued as edible delicacies; in particular, Tuber melanosporum, generally found growing under oak trees. It is native to the Périgord region of France but cultivated in other areas as well. It is rounded, blackish brown, externally covered with warts, and with blackish flesh.
Dogs and pigs are traditionally used to discover truffles, but in 1990 an artificial “nose” developed at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England, proved more effective in tests in Bordeaux.

truffe | francusko - engleski prevod


ženski rodsleng, dijalekt

1. goof

imenicasleng, dijalekt

(Informal) A mistake; a blunder.

2. schnozz

imenicasleng, dijalekt

Nose; specifically; a large nose

3. screwup

imenicasleng, dijalekt

1. One who screws up
2. Botch, blunder
3. A problem or confused situation caused by someone's mistake is a screwup.

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