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muški rodpravo (nauka)

1. Cour.
2. Juridiction.

1. court

imenicapravo (nauka)

Sinonimi: courtroom | tribunal | judicature

1. An official assembly for the transaction of judicial business
2. A session of such a court
3. A place (as a chamber) for the administration of justice
4. A judge or judges in session; also; a faculty or agency of judgment or evaluation
5. An assembly or board with legislative or administrative powers
6. Parliament, legislature
7. A room in which a law court sits; SYN. courtroom.
8. An assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business; SYN. tribunal, judicature.

2. courtroom

imenicapravo (nauka)

The chamber in which a court of law is held. court room

3. tribunal


1. The seat of a judge; the bench on which a judge and his associates sit for administering justice.
2. A court or forum

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