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1. Soigner. Traiter une maladie.
2. Inviter. Traiter quelqu'un au restaurant.
3. Exposer. Traiter un sujet.
4. Régler.
5. Conclure. Traiter une affaire.
6. Qualifier. Traiter quelqu'un d'imbécile.

1. handle


Sinonimi: palm

1. To hold and move repeatedly.
2. To touch, lift, or hold with the hands; SYN. palm.

2. process


Sinonimi: treat

1. To deal with in a routine way:
2. To perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information
3. To subject to a process or treatment, often with the aim of readying for some purpose; SYN. treat.

3. treat


Sinonimi: handle | do by | care for

1. To interact in a certain way; SYN. handle, do by.
2. To provide treatment for; SYN. care for.
3. To provide with a treat.

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