torturé | francusko - engleski prevod



1. tortured


Subjected to intense pain.

torture | francusko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

1. Supplice.
2. Souffrance.

1. torment


ETYM Old Fren. torment, French tourment, from Latin tormentum an engine for hurling missiles, an instrument of torture, a rack, torture, from torquere to turn, to twist, hurl. Related to Turture.
1. Extreme pain; anguish; torture; the utmost degree of misery, either of body or mind.
2. That which gives pain, vexation, or misery.

2. torture


Sinonimi: torturing | torment

ETYM French,fr.Latin tortura, from torquere, tortum, to twist, rack, torture; probably akin to Greek trepein to turn, German drechsein to turn on a lathe, and perhaps to Eng. queer. Related to Contort, Distort, Extort, Retort, Tart, Torch, Torment, Tortion, Tort, Trope.
1. The act of torturing someone; SYN. torturing.
2. Unbearable physical pain; SYN. torment.

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